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CedAdd2Home I have used this plugin for a while now and absolutely love it, as do my clients I set it up for. ... The switch out of the images is super easy. Just unzip the Plugin folder switch out the images in the images folder with your Favicon and Mobile Icons. Also change out the Screen start up images "Great place to have an Advertisement... Say Whaaaa..." Re Zip the file and upload to your website. I customize all the images for each individual website. Kudos to the developer!

jus8541 Joomla JED

CedSecurityImages I was getting hammered with registrations by bots and need something BAD! I downloaded and installed this and got the API for nucaptcha and within 5 minutes from downloading and installing I was setup and ready go to. I have not had a single bot registration since I Installed this.

originalhandy Joomla JED

CedTag An excellent TAG module that combines most wanted features and a few extras such as Wikipedia definitions look-up. I found the built-in CSS edit feature to be both a problem solver for a conflict and a way to extend/modify the visuals.

wimaxpro Joomla JED

CedThumbnails Very good extension, exactly what I was looking for. Displays related articles really nicely with working thumbnails. Has several templates to choose from too. Then one can make some own adjustments pretty easy as well.

Milkey Joomla JED